SAMANTHISM – By Rev., Dr., Samantha Rayn Bachman

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Uncategorized


 Most of us have created a life far from what we wanted and are living in a state of numbness and denial to get away from our self created emotional pain, as opposed to the joyous state we should be in.

Deep in our hearts we know we are more and we belong to something larger.

It seems as life has gone on we have drifted further and further away from our knowledge of Truth and our connection with creation itself.

We have lost our connection to the current – the energy of life and creation. 

It’s time once again to know the Truth about reality, who we are and all that we are possible of.

 SAMANTHISM is a philosophy of life that teaches you how to create harmony and peace in life to enable you to create what you want out of life.


“With all the ‘self-help’, ‘laws of how to’ and ‘you-can-do-it’ information out there – including how to “succeed-in-business” and take control of your life, we are no better off – in fact, we have more depression, feelings of hopelessness and  financial debt than ever.

 We are unhealthy, unhappy and way from our true potential as humans”, says Samantha.

We appear to be happy, yet we are dis-eased and suffer emotionally. Our happiness is brought about by the wants of our Ego. We never really know our self let alone connect fully with another. All our relationships are shallow and mostly Ego driven. 

We have lost connection with our children and have raised them on a diet of poisons and drama.

The toxic unnatural foods we feed them are robbing them of their physical strength and energy.

The TV and the drama that goes with it is robbing them of their emotions and their identity, they are judging them selves against what they see on TV or in the media.

 We have become ‘Fakes’ and are living a delusion of what we think life is.

We smile as if all is perfect, yet inside we are tormented and tortured by the lies our Ego has created to cover our pain and our Truth.

Most of us are no closer to the perfect life than we were when we started looking for it.

 We have surrounded ourselves with material things and knowledge, yet we still seek true happiness.

We have lost our way; it is time to reclaim our life, our health, our spirit and our soul from the man made Hell we have created by living through our Ego


Death by knife and Food;

We have more health care, more medicine, more doctors, more specialists, more supplements, more therapists, more low fat, more low calorie, more low kilojoules and more health education than we have ever had says Samantha, yet we are the sickest, fattest and unhealthiest we have ever been – something is obviously wrong! Our food choices influence our long term health prospects more than any other choice. What you put into your body several times per day – everyday will have far more impact on your wellbeing than anything else you do.  Time to stop digging our graves with our teeth and take back control of our health and our families!

 ENOCH said, “We need to unit our physical and thinking body with the ocean of thought”.

Don’t you think it is time we stopped digging our own physical and spiritual graves and take back control of our body and our mind and fight back at the system that profits from our suffering and live free and happy once again in the Garden of Eden before Monsanto takes that too!.

Love and hugs to you all,

Rev., Dr., Samantha Rayn Bachman


Rev., Dr., Samantha Rayn Bachman has an approach like no other, she has no competition in the market place, as most focus on connecting your thinking body, but leave out your physical body, Samantha does both.

She literally ‘tunes’ you into the energy of creation itself! She tunes your body, your mind, and your soul. She will reconnect you and recharge you!

Testimonial by Rev., Elijah Jhey Jackson

 Dr. Samantha Backman is amazingly intuitive, highly intelligent, extremely knowledgable… and outrageously funny! This very rare yet powerful combination makes Samantha an extraordinary mentor who uses laughter and divine wisdom to connect with your soul and show you with the diamonds of truth within… giving you the tools and knowledge to be completely and
utterly true to you.

Testmonial by Natasha Howie Truthology Foundation



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