About Samantha Backman

Samantha Backman has always lived life to the fullest. She is a homotoxicologist and has always believed that good nutrition and fitness are the keys to vibrant energy and health. She is a well re-nowned speaker covering topics such as health, lifestyle and wealth creation. Her passion in life is to make changes to women globally, through health and education programs.
She is the founder of many companies such as The Alicia International, which have one of its primary aims of health and education in third-world countries and A Bloody Brilliant Lifestyle which is a seminar series on health, lifestyle and wealth creation along with wellness products and health education programs. Samantha has been a regular health speaker on ABC Radio in Australia for many years and is well respected for her honest common sense approach to health.

Stand-up Comedy has been also one of the ‘joys’ of her life, with her own TV Show “A BLOODY BRILLIANT LIFE” which is a no-holds-barred TV program where Samantha and her guests explore many of life’s trials, tribulations and pathways, providing discussion and everyday practical advice on how you – the viewer – can meet these challenges, ensuring you too have A Bloody Brilliant Life, with a twist of comedy and real life issues.

She is also an active humanitarian in many third world countries and is about to release her new book on how to get rich, titled,  The LOR, which shows how becoming rich is easy, just knowing how is hard, especially due to the fact we have companies and systems that have a vested interest in keeping us poor as Samantha says. 



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