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The Soul Viewer: Samantha Rayn Bachman

“Samantha is disgracefully effective. Be prepared to be shocked, entertained, and outraged. ALSO be prepared to enjoy and learn from a human lioness that has been to the bottom of the pit and come up not only smelling of roses but distributing laughs while helping you to make massive positive changes in your life. She is totally uncompromising and an amazing performer. If you ever want fun and learning in the same breath, go to Samantha. Health Warning: You will be changed for the better – do you really want that?”

Testimonial by Fergus McClelland of Vocal Trademark, UK

After filming over 100 TV shows on people that have had, near death experiences and crossed over, Samantha recalled the story of one of her guest who has spent over 1000 hours on the other side. During the interview Samantha asked, “So there is a heaven, another side?” to which he replied, “Yes,” “It is within us, it’s just another dimension.” “After that interview, I knew I had to find ‘who I was meant to be and that was the beginning of my journey to, the other side and the teaching from there”.

As I listened to Samantha explaining to me how people create their identity and cover up who they truly are, and how she is able to tune in to, the other side and understand how all works, she mentioned how shows like ‘The Secret’ only give you 10% of the how too, “I give you the other 90%”, she explained.  “There is a formula that CREATION uses to create”; she calls it, ‘THE 1st LAW’, the law of creation itself, the law that created the Law of Gravity.  I heard and felt her talking not to my mind, but to my Soul.  I realized I was hearing the Truth for the first time. “Your body is a receiver like a radio; it can be tuned to the same frequency of Creation itself.  In this state you become an open channel to all wisdom and knowing to create the life and happiness you seek”, said Samantha.

Sitting with Samantha had me literally experiencing and being washed over by: humbleness and humility. My heart opened in my chest and I could feel my own Soul flow in and through my physical body, heart and mind, filling me with love and the power of inspiration. Samantha’s presence has the influence on others of exactly what it is that she is teaching to thousands every year – to get into the Soul and live from the Law of CREATION and TRUTH. “Everything unfolds from there,” Samantha shared. Dr Gupta in India refers to Samantha as “SAMANTHISM, the return of love, common sense and truth to the world”. And it’s true. I have experienced this magic that Samantha shares over and over, and since interviewing her, I have been made aware of my own life when lived from my truth, the truth of love

Extract from interview by Emily Gower for her book; Transformation Leaders.


Through my Wealth Template and The Heart Beat of Wealth Program, I love to teach people how they too, are able to accomplish great things by opening their mind to the possibilities of creation. No matter what your perceived fears, weaknesses or adversities,  open your heart and your mind to the gifts from the Cosmos that have been given to us all. Most people try to let the good in by thinking about it occasionally, I say  you need to have the doors of chance open always. The fastest way is to be constantly aware of your thought vibration at any given time, there are 12 areas of life that need to be in balance for all to flow perfectly.

My  message is clear, if you want it all, you have to run through the door of opportunity, head held high, smile on your face, acknowledging who you are, your passion, your brilliance, your gift, and make the decision to literally leap into life. All it takes is a decision, to acknowledge your vision, make a plan and stick with it.

We all have opportunities in our lives. Become aware of the ones that are right in front of you. What may seem like a chance encounter, could be an amazing opportunity. It may not be in the form of one big lucky break… but it will manifest if you take all the small breaks that lead up to it. Create the mindset that it is given if you ask and then believe it is on it’s way and be prepared to receive it with gratitude when it arrives.

When you understand the way your mind works you will know that you can bring about the things you are seeking, just by planting the idea into your subconscious…your subconscious will then get to work on making it come about and you will suddenly start to see those opportunities popping up everywhere.

 The universe once told me, the biggest misconception people have about their past is thinking it can detract from the rest of their life. It can’t. It only makes more stuff possible!

Samantha Bachman

Two and a half years ago I did a dream board whilst on a trip to Bali.  I was sitting with my good friends Mark Victor Hansen and Roger Hamilton, I took photos of me and them and also added them to my Dream Board.   Just this week I realized that not just some, but all of the things I talked about with the boys and had put on my board had happened,  it wasn’t until the final puzzle I had been working on for sometime unfolded that I realize this.   Never ever give up on your dreams, sometimes you are too busy to see that all is unfolding in the right order and sometimes until the last piece of the puzzle is there, you miss seeing what the picture is all about, it’s like the trip to London story above, until you get there, nothing else is going to look like it.  The universe had kept the fact that all was unfolding hidden from sight until the last bit fell into place – I had finally reached London!  I had almost lost the vision of London because the trip was so long, but once I reached it, it was like just a second had passed and the trip was just a memory.

The Universe once told me that the biggest misconception people have about the past, is thinking it can detract from the rest of their lives!  It can’t!  The past only ever makes more stuff possible.    Thank you to the Universe for that one, it never ceases to put a smile on my face.     Love and hugs, Samantha

Sitting here listening to Toby Keith and pondering the meaning of life, after listening to a particular song titled, “Go With Her”, made me think. So what is it when, as Toby sings, you should be with the one you can’t be without, made me think, what if the one you can’t be without is the one you can’t be with. Seems to me it’s a double edged sword. I think life is like that, we always have options, right or wrong, the one we choose is the one we choose. If we spend time pondering, was it the right decision or the wrong decision, we are obviously not spending time in the now, and just getting on with it. The past is the past, and so it is just a memory, we can’t change it. We can only work with what we have in this very moment. In this moment what can you do to make the best of your future. The best way you can solve your problems is to, “Get Rich”‘ it may not be the answer to all, but it gives you a breather whilst you work it out. Read the science of getting rich. You can download it for free on  When I heard that Wallace channeled the book, I read it with  eyes, and you know it works. There is a law of getting rich, just as there is a law ot gravity. Enjoy the read, and the audio version is Bloody Brilliant to fall to sleep with. Thank you Wallace for bringing one of the laws of the universe to us.

The biggest lesson I have learnt in the past few months is to stay in flow, it is better to lay on your back and just float.

That way the river of success will take you to exactly where you need to be.

Whilst you are going with the flow it is a great idea to clear your mind, because that’s when the spirit side of you communicates with the spirit around you.

 Have a Bloody Brilliant day!

Love and hugs, Samantha

The biggest lesson I have learned in life to date is, never listen to others opinions on how you should live your life. We all have our own inner guidance system that is programed into each of us to ensure we stay on our own path to true bliss. Unfortunately we let others tell us where we should be, instead of listening to our heart. It has been my experience that this keeps you so far off track, you are left wondering what happened to the dreams you had as a kid and were sure you were going to reach. I’ll tell you what happens, you get caught up in someone elses shit and forget about what was in your best interest.  Have a Bloody Brilliant Life I say, it is your birth right! Get rid of all the wankers in your life and move onto your dreams before it’s too late.  Love and hugs, Samantha Backman.